How it works

PortalCX mirrors your internal process to a user-friendly app — keeping everyone up-to-date on project progress and KPIs.

Putting PortalCX to work for you


Industry-Specific Templates

Customize every step of the customer experience with industry-specific templates that cater perfectly to the needs of the customers you serve.


Project Tracking

Our app mirrors your progress on any service- or project-based task, giving you and your customers real-time updates from the start of the project to the finish.



PortalCX is also a communication hub, offering customizable email and text templates for project updates.


Referrals and Reviews

After you complete your project, PortalCX prompts clients to automatically review and refer your business, helping your business grow.

product overview

Keep track of projects to keep happy customers

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Connected for success

PortalCX seamlessly integrates with many of today’s most popular apps , allowing you to automate your CX needs from a single, centralized location — no code required.